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1.       Type of Manifest & details lớn be provided in Shipping Instructions.

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Please confirm who is responsible for the Advance Manifest Customs filing:

Are you a self-filer, vì chưng You tệp tin your own House Bill details for actual shipping parties?If “Yes", please provide as per below:United States shipment: SCAC Code / HBL# and any reference number(s)Canada shipments: HBL# & any reference number(s)Post code should be in format of " ANA NAN ", where A is Alphabet, N is number. Please also be reminded of the space in betweenOther country shipments: just a confirmation of self-filer is enoughIs to lớn complete your filing (House Bill) on your behalf?If “Yes", please provide as per below:All countries shipments: Name và Address of actual Shipper và Consignee. If several HBL"s are required, due to lớn several shippers or consignees involved in shipment, it is forbidden to lớn show one of these parties on MBL, in that case on MBL we can show forwarder/agent details only & HBL numbers will reflect real state of involved parties. 

2.       Where to lớn provide AMS/ ACI details on MOC webpage.AMS/ ACI details needs khổng lồ be provided in first tab “Details" and in section “Other B/L Handling Instructions" while creating Instructions for Bill of Lading creation.


“Late Filing" is not possible if there is a change in type of submission, và customer can also receive sầu penalty of 5000USD. Meaning if there is a change from self-filer khổng lồ regular or from HBL khổng lồ self-filer, or from HBL to regular or any other change. In that case customer needs to be notified via mail regarding possible penalties.


6.       AMS/ ACI submission contains below data

(any BL amendment required from customer after cut off, will cause in creating additional charges: AAM 40EUR và CMA 30EUR)


7.       Additional info for customer:

ACI Filing of HBL done by is not possible for Canada Imports (POD+FND Canada) starting 04.01.2021cargo control number for USA, Japan is: OOLU + BL numbercargo control number for Canadomain authority is: 9082 + BL number (without OOLU prefix)carrier code for USA, Japan is: OOLUcarrier code for Canada is: 9082quantity of cargo items & weight must be equal to quantity & weight of HBL referencescustomer is fully responsible khổng lồ provide clear và accurate details for AMS submission in case of Regular & Not regular shipments to lớn be submitted by carrier realchampionshipwrestling.comcustomer is fully responsible to provide clear và accurate details for ACI submission in case of Regular shipments to be submitted by carrier realchampionshipwrestling.comit is forbidden to lớn show any HBL details on MBL (lượt thích in cargo mô tả tìm kiếm field)customer is fully responsible for correctness of their submission in case of self-filer shipmentscustomer is fully responsible for ISF makes AMS submission in case of: Regular and Not regular makes ACI submission in case of: Regular shipmentscustomer makes AMS/ ACI submission in case of: Self-filler shipmentsfor Turkey submission, it is required that customer has actual & valid VAT number (also known as EORI number)

In case of any uncertainty or further questions, please kindly do not hesitate lớn liên hệ our Customer Service Outbound unit for clarification ( tương tác details can be found below in Local Contacts directory)

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