Godzilla Theory: How Anguirus Died In The MonsterVerse An Anguirus skeleton was spotted in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Here"s what his role may have sầu been, và what could have sầu happened to lớn hlặng.

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Godzilla king of the monstars Anguirus
Anguirus existed in the MonsterVerse, but died thousands of years ago. A skeleton that looks identical khổng lồ the Toho kaiju appeared in a brief scene in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The skeleton was of a creature that appears lớn be some sort of ankylosaur, which is what Anguirus looked lượt thích in Toho’s movies. Of course, one might say that it may just be a giant ankylosaur, và not Anguirus himself. But, it has a spiked nose that differentiates it from that species & more closely aligns it with the Toho kaiju.

The connection lớn Anguirus was hinted at by Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Mike Dougherty. On Twitter, Dougherty was asked by a người about Easter eggs lớn watch out for, prompting hyên ổn to lớn mention a “skeleton that may or may not belong lớn Anguirus”. No one involved with the movie, including Dougherty, has outright stated that the skeleton belongs lớn him, but the reason for that isn’t hard khổng lồ decipher. Since Legendary Pictures doesn’t have the rights to him, the movie can vì nothing more than imply or suggest that the skeleton is his. At this current juncture, Anguirus can’t be officially added khổng lồ the MonsterVerse. For now, the only Toho kaiju that are confirmed lớn exist in the MonsterVerse is Godzilla, Rodan, King Ghidorah, & Mothra, with Mechagodzilla presumably becoming the fifth kaiju from Toho’s library lớn be adapted in Godzilla vs. Kong.

Godzilla king of the monstars Anguirus
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For now, Anguirus’ skeleton remains as just a fun Toho Easter egg. However, that hasn’t stopped viewers from speculating about hyên. Numerous questions are being asked the trùm cuối. What was his role in the MonsterVerse, what was his relationship with Godzilla (if he had one at all), what was he doing in Godzilla’s home in the first place, and how did he die?

Anguirus May Have sầu Lived in Godzilla’s Underwater City

Godzilla King of the Monsters Anguirus
Anguirus’ skeleton was spotted in the scene where Godzilla’s underwater thành phố was destroyed by the nuke. It being down there doesn’t confirm that he was a resident of this place, but it does make it a strong possibility. It’s known that Godzilla was worshipped by the people who dwelled there, but he may not have sầu been their only god. The redacted text in the Godzilla: King of the Monsters credits makes it clear that Godzilla wasn’t the only Titung that humans had a positive sầu, symbiotic relationship with. It was said that humans lived near Titans for protection. Anguirus could easily have sầu been one of them, và was living in peace within this ancient civilization.

Based on what Legendary has done with Godzilla, Rodan, Ghidorah, and Mothra, it’s become apparent that the MonsterVerse is going to lớn great lengths khổng lồ remain faithful khổng lồ these monsters’ Toho counterparts. If it’s treating Anguirus in the same way, there’s a good chance that his role in the MonsterVerse wasn’t that much different from the one that he had in the Showa series of Godzilla movies. During those years, Anguirus was depicted as a cthua thảm ally of Godzilla. He was one of a handful of monsters to lớn contribute lớn Ghidorah’s defeat in Destroy All Monsters, and in Godzilla vs. Gigan, the two traveled together & teamed up to lớn beat the alien duo of Ghidorah & Gigan.

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Godzilla’s interactions with Mothra in King of the Monsters và the Titans bowing down to him indicate that Titans are capable of getting along with each other in the MonsterVerse, so it could be that Godzilla và Anguirus were able khổng lồ coexist in their home. If this was the case, they may even have been allies who helped defkết thúc the thành phố from outside threats, such as aggressive sầu Titans who tried lớn attaông chồng it.

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Anguirus Could Have Been Killed By The Human-Titan War

A key reveal from the redacted text is that humanity’s relationship with Titans didn’t stay peaceful for long. Apparently, greed and ambition got the best of the humans, leading them lớn take advantage of the Titans’ kích thước và raw power. Their connection khổng lồ each other - which may have sầu formed by music - eventually grew inlớn something else. Somehow, the humans figured out that they could control the Titans và started to enslave them. When they began using Titans as weapons, some took issue with this treatment and rebelled. As a result, a human-Tichảy war broke out that gave sầu rise lớn a “massive cataclysm”.

One thing that the redacted text doesn’t explain is how this war was waged. Without advanced giải pháp công nghệ, the humans lacked an obvious way of fighting baông chồng unless they maintained their control over some of the Titans. It could be that the Titans fought each other, và this massive sầu gathering of colossal beasts fighting it out is what led Godzilla’s đô thị khổng lồ ruin và other geological catastrophes around the world. Anguirus may have been killed by these events, or he could have met his over before all of that. It could be that he was a willing (or unwilling) participant in the war. If it"s true that he fought in the war, he could have sầu sustained critical injuries in combat against opposing Titans before succumbing lớn his wounds.

Anguirus is dead, but if Legendary does acquire the rights at some point in the future, there are two different ways he could be properly explored. One way is through flashbacks that revisit ancient times. King of the Monsters created a lot of interest in Godzilla’s past, so going bachồng lớn those days may be something that a later movie will look to vì chưng. The second way is for the MonsterVerse is to introduce a second thành viên of Anguirus’ species.

As noted by Dougherty, other Toho monsters could easily be discovered by Monarch in the years khổng lồ come, so even though he hasn’t been seen or mentioned yet, he could still be out there somewhere, possibly deep within the tunnels of the Hollow Earth. If Legendary has acquired the rights lớn the quái nhân in secret, a surprise Anguirus appearance in Godzilla vs. Kong would feel like a perfect fit for the film. As a Titan with a connection to their ancient history, it would make sense for hyên to be officially revealed at a time when Monarch is exploring Hollow Earth và investigating the Titans’ origins. Regardless of when this happens, Angurius’ MonsterVerse introduction would give Godzilla a reliable ally going forward.

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