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Many young girls would love sầu khổng lồ become successful, & even world-renowned, ice skaters. Visions of competing in the Olympics and winning the gold surely fills the minds of many promising young athletes. They would vị just about anything to lớn achieve such lofty goals. There is no doubt that these dreams can take turns for the worse, much lượt thích it did in the Nancy Kerrigan và Tanya Harding debacle (where Harding paid a brute khổng lồ injure Harding lớn knock her out of the Olympics to sort of lessen the competition). You'd think it doesn't get any worse than that.

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Until you learn of the story of Annora Petrova — she was a very promising and talented figure skater, seemingly destined to lớn compete in the Olympics. Except, certain events tragically befell this Olympic hopeful in the midst of her trying to realize her dreams.

What Happened?

Annora Petrova was born in Portland, Oregon lớn Mikhail Petrovic and Nancy (Snyder) Petrova. At the age of six, she began trying her hvà at ice skating. Then, having taken khổng lồ ice skating, she began taking figure skating lessons by the age of 10, & competed and won a championship when she was 13 at the Crystal Classic. Thereafter, she was taught by famous figure skating trainer Sergei Polukeev.

It was the night before her first championship win that things started to lớn take a strange turn for her. That night, she was experiencing a lot of anxiety in anticipation of the competition, so started occupying herself on the Internet. For fun, she Googled her own name và, surprisingly, found a Wikipedia page about herself that said she would win the next night's championship at Crystal Classic. She speculated, maybe assumed, that her father or her figure skating club had made the page as a way to lớn inspire her khổng lồ win. When she asked her dad about this, though, he flatly denied that he made the page.

Strangely, when she would kiểm tra her Wikipedia page before competitions, it consistently & accurately predicted her subsequent victories at every tournament. She worked hard lớn be good enough lớn compete in the Olympics, & Sergei pushed her hard to be at the peak of her condition to lớn win. She wanted lớn win a chance at the Olympics so bad that when it came time lớn try out at the sectionals, she decided to lớn sort of cheat and influence her Wikipedia page. When she tried to update the page, instead of displaying what she wanted, it instead contained the statement, "Annora Petrova is a selfish little b---- who is going khổng lồ get what she deserves."

Annora was also desperate because her best friend Bree was competing at the qualifiers và Annora did not think she could beat her because her skating was exceptional. In fact, at the tryouts, one of the blades on Bree's skates flew off & sliced Annora across the forehead causing her lớn bleed significantly. It was believed that Annora sabotaged Bree's skate because she was the only one who handled the rival's skates before the competition. Annora totally denied this accusation.

After the incident, Annora was banned from competition. Sergei was also black-balled because of his association with her — so he also quit training her. It was commonly said, amuốn those involved (including Bree's parents, the trainers, and the officials involved in the event), that Annora got what she deserved. It started khổng lồ become clear that the Wikipedia page predictions were coming true.

It should be noted that administration at Wikipedia was not aware of this page & it is speculated that only Annora had access lớn it or that she fabricated the story.

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Consequently, the page continued to lớn have sầu horrible descriptions of young Petrova và predicted one tragedy after another. It read that she was a pathetic little orphan và that her real parents had died in a terrible accident. When Annora tried lớn tương tác her parents after reading that particular page entry, she heard nothing but laughter on the other end. When she eventually viewed Hotline records from her parents' phones however, it did not show those specific calls that she tried khổng lồ make to them.

Annora became very despondent and reclusive. She eventually received a settlement for her parents' death and moved to lớn Switzerland.

While in Europe, she abandoned her habit of checking the page và started becoming a success at her craft again. Unfortunately, before an audition for the Ice Circus, she relapsed inkhổng lồ her old habit of checking the page to see possible results of her figure skating endeavors. It read that she would die friendless and penniless on the day before the audition.

Annora was found dead at her computer in Prague, Czech Republic.


The main evidence of these events come from a letter Annora wrote to lớn Bree và what was found on her computer. Certain theories have been postulated, & circulated, as khổng lồ what happened to Ms Petrova.

One theory is that someone with very specific skills had manipulated both what Annora found in her Web search and what was transmitted to her on her phone (lượt thích when she tried to lớn điện thoại tư vấn her parents). This theory also postulates that those conspirators made use of ultra-magnetic waves lớn manipulate Ms. Petrovas thoughts.The other theory is that Ms. Petrova was suffering from some sort of psychosis và had a major breakdown. This is comtháng among mỏi many very talented & intelligent young people and she definitely fits inkhổng lồ that category of a "mad" genius. It is speculated that she lived in a rich fantasy world, và it is even speculated that she herself created the Wikipedia page that had subsequently been leaked khổng lồ the Web after her death.


The tragedy of Annora Petrova remains a mystery. But it certainly should serve as a warning to us about what happens lớn promising young people, considering the pressures they endure. It just seems that the competitive sầu spirit and that ambitious drive sầu for success ran afoul & the tragic events in Ms. Petrova's life could have been avoided.