Bale là gì

a type of nhảy where carefully organized movements tell a story or express an idea, or a theatre work that uses this type of dancing:

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a type of nhảy in which controlled movements of the body are designed khổng lồ express the beauty of physical motion, often while telling a story, or a piece of music for such dancing
Indeed, some critics looked upon ballet-pantomime characters" silence with great displeasure, & actually suggested that they speak up.
Like their female counterparts, they were not only ballet dancers, but also mimes và character dancers.
Those in charge of the chorus & the corps de ballet wrote memos, on stationery with the same letterhead, about misbehaviour in the ranks.
Before, you could learn the actor"s craft exactly as a ballet dancer did - that is, automatically, by repeating certain patterns or clichés.
Even though the libretkhổng lồ indicates each divertissement for the ballet, the dancers, here representing priests và demons, certainly also participated in the instrumental airs.
In addition, the story-within-a-story device featured within the plots of many comic và gr& operas is comtháng in ballet-pantomimes.
A new system was in order, which would stimulate the creation of large-scale operas, ballets và dramatic works.
Given these cthua ties it is not surprising to discover a certain family resemblance between the librettos of operas & ballet-pantomimes.
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His jazz class was assembled in the progression of a ballet class, & he called his exercises the barre.
Today, if a ballet company is attached lớn an opera company at all, it gives its performances on separate evenings, or in separate seasons, or even in separate houses.
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lớn accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order lớn reach an agreement with someone

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