Lmht: hướng dẫn bảng ngọc và trang bị cơ bản cho aatrox mới rework

Aatrox is the dark detháng boy of our dreams. Or he was before he fell into lớn complete và total obscurity shortly after his launch in 2013. Sure, our boy has had his moments in the sun, but he’s never been the staple champion that he deserved to lớn be. Well now he’s gotten a very fancy rework and looks to lớn be the demonic Riven we’ve always wanted.

So before you log in và kiểm tra hyên ổn out, here’s a guide to how Aatrox’s rework has re-imagined the beast.

The kit

Passive - Deathbringer Stance

Riot Games via Surrender

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20 What it does:

Every 25 seconds, Aatrox gains an empowered tự động attaông xã with increased range & percent of health damage. This melee attaông chồng reduces healing & shielding on the target by 40 percent for three seconds. Aatrox can cause Deathbringer Stance khổng lồ cooldown faster the more spells he casts and hits he makes with the edge of his Q.

Deathbringer Stance is one of those feel abilities. The more you play as Aatrox, the more you’ll get the rhythm of this passive & can take advantage of it. In a teamfight scenario — or anytime where you may be going against a beefier boy — you want to lớn use this passive on the tank. The reduced shielding & healing is massive sầu here, and will go a long way khổng lồ ensure you can really take a tank down quick.

Q - The Darkin Blade (Level first, max first)

Riot Games via Surrender
trăng tròn What it does:

On the first Q activation, Aatrox slams his sword into the ground, dealing damage in a line và knocking up/dealing additional damage enemies caught in the final square. Aatrox can then activate it two more times. The second in a much larger area & third in a circle in front of him.

This is Aatrox’s bread-and-butter ability. It’s his be all over all. Without mastering The Darkin Blade, you won’t be able lớn bởi vì much with Aatrox. As soon as you jump in for your first time, this needs to be your priority, as it’s the gameplay loop that you’ll use most frequently.

All of Aatrox’s new abilities lean into The Darkin Blade. This makes Aatrox a very positional champion, ready khổng lồ hit with max range on his skills whenever possible. The damage difference here between the center of the skill & the edge is huge & will drastically change how you persize in a fight.

Aatrox doesn’t have sầu combos in the same way Ryze does, but it’s important lớn use your W and E lớn position yourself & your enemies around where your Q can hit. Once you can combo properly, notoàn thân will ever escape your blade.

W - Infernal Chains (Level third, max third)

Riot Games via Surrender

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trăng tròn What it does:

Aatrox sends out a thin skillshot in a line, which slows và damages the first target hit. If it hits a champion, it’ll anchor them khổng lồ an impact area, giving them a short window lớn get out of the area of effect before being pulled baông xã lớn the anchor point.

Like all things with Aatrox, this is a tool to improve sầu The Darkin Blade. Once a champion has been anchored, you can easily place the tip of your blade in the right spot khổng lồ get them. But Infernal Chains is also a powerful CC ability that should be used to lớn control members of the enemy team, especially imSmartphone ones who will struggle to lớn get out of the anchor point before they’re pulled.

Keep in mind that this will tag the first champ hit & pull them no matter what. So you’ll need lớn dive sầu if you want the carry & you’ll need to lớn be careful that you don’t step on your teammates toes if you have a Blitzcrank.

E - Umbral Dash (Level second, max second)

Riot Games via Surrender
20 What it does:

Passively, Aatrox will heal for a percent of the damage he đơn hàng. This is more effective sầu against enemy champions. When Aatrox activates his E, he will dash a very short distance và gain some additional damage. Aatrox can cast Umbral Dash without altering his current ability — I.E. while using The Darkin Blade.

Umbral Dash is pretty puny from a dash perspective sầu, but it’s a great tool for re-positioning yourself during The Darkin Blade. The damage boost will also help burst your foes out with your Q. If done properly, you can run in, Q, & make a slight dash lớn improve sầu your hit chance & damage potential. You can also use it to escape or pursue through some walls.

R - World Ender

Riot Games via Surrender
20 What it does:

Aatrox sprouts wings & gains movement speed for a short time or whenever he’s out of combat. For the next 12 seconds, he will gain trăng tròn percent increased damage and a revival passive sầu that boosts up health the longer he stays demonic. If Aatrox dies while World Ender is active sầu, he will be revived with somewhere between 15 và 50 percent of his max health returned khổng lồ hyên ổn. Aatrox can slowly crawl while reviving.

You may be shocked to lớn hear this, but this also plays into The Darkin Blade. The tốc độ & additional damage will allow you to lớn overpower your foes, especially those that are cchiến bại khổng lồ death. You can pursue with the increased burst of movement speed for a short time as well, which is very helpful.

But World Ender is first & foremost a diving tool, allowing players lớn go after their targets no matter where they run. Under a tower, into the fountain, it makes no difference. Aatrox is able to lớn follow & kill without having to lớn sacrifice his own life.

However, it’s worth noting that as players learn to lớn play against Aatrox, this will be much harder to use. Like a Zilean revive sầu, players will learn khổng lồ count and prepare to hold damage until the ultimate is gone. This means your timing has khổng lồ be superb and you must be ready to lớn put as much pressure as you can on players so they have sầu no choice but khổng lồ face you.


Riot Games Keystone: ConquerorAatrox is all about getting in combat and staying in combat. Conqueror is a really great rune to lớn highlight the Darkin boy’s biggest strengths: tenathành phố (not the stat). With Aatrox, you want to stick khổng lồ your target until one of you is dead — preferably them. The longer you’re in combat, the more you’re gonmãng cầu benefit from Conqueror.


In order to lớn stay in a battle, you need lớn stay at least somewhat healthy. Aatrox already has his own tools to lớn giảm giá with that, but adding on more frustrating healing is never a bad thing.

Legend: Bloodline

Like Triumph, we’re going lớn use Bloodline khổng lồ boost Aatrox’s natural healing abilities to lớn make hlặng more of nuisance.

Last Stand

Aatrox is all about getting low on health và healing himself back up. You’ll be fluctuating all the time. Last Stvà makes you a dueling machine và turns even the idea of killing you lượt thích a normal enemy inkhổng lồ a joke.

Secondary tree: Resolve

With Aatrox, we want’t khổng lồ balance out how much health we have sầu and how tanky we are against the damage we giảm giá khuyến mãi. Think bruiser.

Bone Plating

Sustained combat is the goal here, and Bone Plating will keep you happy và healthy for a bit longer.


Chrysalis will make your ramp up time a little easier. Once you’re out of the danger zone, you’ll even get a boost to your damage for the mid game.

The build

Lane start:

Doran’s BladePotions


Nin-Ja Tabi


Blaông chồng CleaverDeath’s DanceSpirit’s VisageSterak’s GageGuardian Angel


Old Aatrox was such a failed realization of a good idea. He was this dark demon that was just ... so boring. But now, he has real gameplay to lớn offer & a chất lượng playstyle lớn promote in the team. He has ideas from other champs but an identity that is solely his own. It took us so long lớn get here, but the wait for Aatrox might actually be worth it. Hopefully we can see Aatrox as a champ that sees frequent play, instead of someone that is a bizarre anomaly khổng lồ see show up in your game.