Cách Chơi Ace Fishing

If you vì not have sầu the possibility to lớn go fishing on a regular basis & this is something you like very much, you can always treat yourself with a game that simulates that you are on the high seas trying to lớn get the most coveted pieces that exist. One of them is Ace Fishing: Wild Catch of which we indicate what it offers.

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The truth is that the experience of fishing in this development is not carried (always taking inlớn tài khoản that we are talking about a job that runs on a Mobile device).The fact is that what is done is to put the user as a fisherman who goes from one place lớn another showing his skills to lớn take different catches that are essential to be advanced in the levels offered by the development. A good detail: the game is fully translated, which is obviously a success and a great help.


In what has to do with compatibility, in our tests we have sầu been able to use this work in very basic terminals, such as the Moto E range, so it is clear that we are not among a very demanding creation in terms of That has to do with hardware.The graphics and sound, in both cases are adequate, but you should not expect something spectacular … although it is true that there are images in three dimensions .To enjoy all the possibilities offered by Ace Fishing: Wild Catch you have sầu to lớn have sầu an Internet connection, since it is necessary khổng lồ download data on a regular basis lớn add options as the level progresses (và these sometimes exceed 100 MB) .In what has khổng lồ vì chưng with the handling, this is simple since everything is managed with the touch screen , but, yes, the interface is somewhat complex since it has too many elements in sight … that help, yes, but sometimes they bother a little (as is the case with warning windows, which can become insufferable).

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Give use to the game Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

The fishing action is the usual one that is done in reality, since you have sầu lớn throw the hook & wait for the fish to lớn bite. But, yes, there are options khổng lồ improve the possibilities you have sầu with the improvement of the material that is used such as the rod or the reel itself. Therefore, the rigging can be adjusted lớn be appropriate depending on the place and fish that is intended.


There are several additional possibilities when it comes lớn taking a fish out of the water, since it is possible lớn carry out power pulls lớn drag the dam (with the risk of breaking the line, but very effective with the catches that jump) và, it is even possible direct the direction of the shot lớn avoid losing any animal that has “stung”. The fact is that lovers of this sport sure have sầu a good time with Ace Fishing: Wild Catch.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, tải về this game for Android

Without being the best game about fishing we have tried, it is one of the most complete that exist today. If you want to give it a try now when Christmas holidays arrive sầu, the tải về can be done in Play Store & Galaxy Store for free and easy. An option that should not be missed.
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