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The close-knit clan is aloof and enervated in the face of ever tightening racial laws that will spell their demise.
Barb is also part of an unusually close-knit group of friends who have recently lost one of their number.
Yet, despite its kích thước, my father"s family has managed khổng lồ remain extremely close-knit over its years of exponential growth.
Broadcasters prefer the term fam over the traditional người -- they compare the broadcaster-viewer relationship khổng lồ a close-knit family bond.
It"s also occasioned a lot of rhapsodizing about the collaborative sầu creation of a more sustainable, productive sầu, close-knit, and abundant future.
She says her family is a close-knit one -- where siblings are best friends who aren"t hesitant to lớn ask for sweet favors.
Either way, the school--whose close-knit student body is often stereotyped as preppy or jockey--seems pretty loved by those currently there.
The attacks have sầu solidified bonds in an already close-knit neighborhood, he says, but that is not enough.

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The third of four kids in an extremely close-knit family, he & his two elder siblings see competition as a virtue.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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