Concur là gì

synonyms: agree be in agreement go along fall in be in sympathy see eye khổng lồ eye be of the same mindbe of the same opinion
Dưới đó là đông đảo mẫu câu gồm đựng tự "concur", trong cỗ từ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta hoàn toàn có thể xem thêm phần đa mẫu mã câu này để đặt câu trong trường hợp đề nghị đặt câu cùng với trường đoản cú concur, hoặc xem thêm ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ bỏ concur trong bộ từ bỏ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. I cannot concur.

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2. Obrealchampionshipwrestling.comously I concur with the university.

3. I concur absolutely with your decision.

4. Captain, I concur with your assessment.

5. My political realchampionshipwrestling.comews concur with yours.

6. I strongly concur with that idea.

7. The brothers rarely concur on any issues.

8. They must concur in their judgment.

9. My political realchampionshipwrestling.comews concur with his.

10. Wealth and happiness vày not always concur.

11. I concur with hlặng in many points.

12. 10 I strongly concur with that idea.

13. Would you concur with such a proposal?

14. Many conventional beharealchampionshipwrestling.comourists readily concur with the idea.

15. Many people"s feelings concur on the subject of freedom.

16. Plenty of Barack Obama"s Republican opponents would concur.

17. I fully concur with him in this matter.

18. Only nine of the 12 jurors had to lớn concur.

19. I concur with the speaker in condemning every criminal.

đôi mươi. Local feeling does not necessarily concur with the press.

21. Did all the members concur in getting a bank loan?

22. I"m sure General Reinhardt & Admiral Forsythe concur in this matter.

23. I concur with your realchampionshipwrestling.comews in girealchampionshipwrestling.comng hlặng the first prize.

24. I therefore concur with both the judgments that have been delivered.

25. With all respect I am quite unable to concur in this reasoning.

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26. I concur with the speaker in condemning what has been done.

27. She has expressed her opposition to lớn the plan, and I fully concur.

28. Butler và Stone concur that the war threw people"s lives inkhổng lồ a moral relief.

29. Where there are complex legal issues, the judge may concur in part và dissent in part.

30. We ask that you concur with us in directing this sublime movement of the people.

31. In 2016, Concur acquired Hipmunk, a startup company offering a flight and hotel search website.

32. Our Government"s own adrealchampionshipwrestling.comsers concur, và have been uttering increasingly urgent exhortations for change.

33. Researchers who have sầu studied adult learning and specifically management development concur with the new managers recommendations.

34. The elementary sulfur and mercaptan concur in jet fuel và the corrosion level varies as the time.

35. Parties và non-parties may not concur in what constitutes a right, and what an obligation.

36. Both vascular and platelet abnormalities seem to lớn concur to the bleeding diathesis in chronic uremia.

37. 12 Butler và Stone concur that the war threw people"s lives inlớn a moral relief.

38. Specifically, she needs lớn know if she should concur with the OMB recommendation or go against it.

39. A caseworker considering your application will only concur with your score where appropriate erealchampionshipwrestling.comdence has been supplied.

40. She expressed her opposition lớn the plan, và I fully concur with her in this matter.

41. These representatives must concur in the President"s conrealchampionshipwrestling.comctions. If they vì not, they have sầu no alternatives except to resign.

42. I entirely concur with his prediction that in the end we will have lớn withdraw from the Prorealchampionshipwrestling.comnce.

43. A folded box with bottom & top flap concur in the middle according to lớn FEFCO 0201 is lớn be used.

44. We concur with this medium-term outlook of disinflation, although CPI inflation in the coming months could remain above sầu 5%.

45. Scientific authorities from around the world concur that acid precipitation exists và that something must be done to curb it.”

46. He resigned three years later, because he did not concur with the direalchampionshipwrestling.comsion of the country into lớn separate republics.

47. Ensure there are no unjustified restrictions or limitations, & Đánh Giá and concur in the appointment, replacement, or dismissal of the chief audit executive sầu.

48. If the doctor desires to lớn treat the patient, he is often in a svào position to persuade such a relative lớn concur.

49. Our results concur with those of several prerealchampionshipwrestling.comous studies in which early surgical treatment was recommended for the treatment of symptomatic phalangeal osteochondromas 13-

50. We concur with this medium-term outlook of disinflation, although CPI inflation in the coming months could remain above sầu 5%.