Couch Là Gì

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a piece of furniture with a back & usually arms, that two or more people can sit on at once; a sofa
While the following is often couched in linguistic language, technical terms are defined as they occur.
The apparatus should be usable for all aspects of diagnosis & treatment và, therefore, locate on different types of couch.
However, the censuring of lifestyle choices associated with deleterious health consequences appears to lớn many as moralising couched in medical terms.
If the attempt had been couched in such terms, perhaps many critics might have sầu ignored the resolution; others might even have sầu been sympathetic.
Daily checks by radiographers on the unit can be done quickly & easily with a cube phantom (which assumes the couch to be level).
Predictions were couched in vague language, carefully hedged with qualifiers và crafted to offer an exit strategy if things turned out other than expected.
We also expected the narratives of older subjects lớn include more generalized statements couched in the timeless present than those of the younger children.
It is noticeable, for example, that the expression of genetic material is nearly always couched in terms of the minority percentage contribution of "incoming" farmers.
Here, verification can be continued offline, combined with a larger tolerance margin for the vertical couch position.
This is done in order khổng lồ attain a theoretical explanation that makes sense of the complexity, but which also remains firmly couched within the cases.
We found the deviation from true horizontal to be less than 0.5 mm over the full range of horizontal couch travel.

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The miners" declaration is couched in the language of deference, assuming the standard forms of respect granted khổng lồ the monarch.
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