Dance Break Là Gì

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The second reason this was problematic is that breakdancing was originally called b-boying or breaking by the street dancers who created it.
He had his first press at nine when he organized a breakdancing competition as entertainment for senior citizens.
Throughout grade school the two completely immersed themselves in hip hop culture, participating in everything from breakdancing, graffiti, to lớn rap.
Ice used his beatboxing và breakdancing skills as a street performer with his friends at local malls during this time.
The group was known for its versatility covering wide array of genre from performing arts to cheerleading, from contemporary to lớn breakdancing.
The first reason is that breakdancing became an inadvertent umbrella term amuốn the general public for both breaking "and" the funk styles.
Purists consider breakdancing an ignorant term invented by the media that connotes exploitation of the art is used khổng lồ sensationalize breaking.
Abramz organizes breakdancing sessions each week for hundreds of youth in different parts of the country.

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