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The one-year expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) is projected lớn cut child poverty nearly in half. Read more about CDF’s recommendation khổng lồ expand the CTC.

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Make a monthly gift today to lớn ensure the needs of children remain front and center. With your tư vấn, we will continue fighting nonstop khổng lồ make sure our children’s voices are heard in the halls of power.



We fight khổng lồ make sure every child in America has everything they need lớn thrive. Fixing America’s systemic inequities begins with our children, so we focus especially on poor children, children of color & those with disabilities.

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Your gift is put lớn immediate use to help all children, especially our most vulnerable. CDF is highly rated by many organizations, including GuideStar, Charity Navigator, Great Nonprofits, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, và America’s Best Charities.

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“One ultimate goal  is for kids khổng lồ actually be excited about learning & see themselves in what they learn and see the power and potential that reading has in their lives.”

—Dr. Lacơ M. Scott, Executive Director, Indian Spring Middle School, CDF Freedom Schools site, Waco, TX

The Children’s Defense Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Federal Tax ID number is 52-0895622.

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