A tradition dating baông chồng to 1605 – when Catholic dissident Guy Fawkes attempted lớn blow up the Houses of Parliament – Bonfire Night (5th November) is one of the UK’s most atmospheric and sensational annual celebrations.

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With fireworks displays, massive bonfires, toffee apples and plenty of mulled wine, it’s a jovial và thrilling event. Here are the top five places lớn celebrate.

Bonfire Night, Lewes


The medieval town of Lewes looks like a scene from Game of Thrones come Bonfire Night

The locals in Lewes go all out for this annual spectacle. A quiet, medieval town in East Sussex, on the 5th November Lewes suddenly looks like a scene from Game of Thrones. People don period costumes, march through the cobbled streets with flaming torches, light bonfires and mix off fireworks. At the kết thúc of the night, those with a death wish place their burning torches on the ground across the high street and attempt khổng lồ leap through the flames. But the best bit by far is when the ‘enemies of the bonfire’ (mightily-impressive sầu effigies of controversial political figures and the odd councillor who has tried to lớn shut down the event) are phối aflame after being paraded through the streets. Stay at the 16th-century Shelleys Hotel, right in the middle of the action on the High Street.

Various locations, London


London hosts several of the UK's best Bonfire Night celebrations

Take your piông chồng from the multitude of Bonfire Night celebrations all over the capital. For the best fireworks and overall pomp và ceremony, you can’t beat the Lord Mayor’s Show on the banks of the Thames. A tradition that dates baông chồng khổng lồ the 13th century, this sự kiện encompasses a flotilla, a procession and a big-budget fireworks display. For atmosphere, south London’s Blackheath attracts around 100,000 people each year, filling this enormous and deeply historic green space with a funfair and sparkler-wielding revellers. For east Londoners, there’s Victoria Park and up north, you’ve got Alexandra Palace. The latter does require a ticket purchase (all the others mentioned are free) but it also boasts an incredible panorama of the đô thị as a backdrop lớn the fireworks display.

For the Lord Mayor’s Show, book a night at the Park Plaza on the river, for Blackheath, stay at the Clarendon Hotel and for Victoria Park, kiểm tra into one of these nearby apartments.

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Or, clichồng here for the chance to lớn win a once-in-a-lifetime experience, spending Bonfire Night staying on top of The Shard, Western Europe"s tallest building. From this vantage point, you"ll enjoy unparalleled views of London with the sky lit up in a stunning display of colour.

Sparks in the Park, Cardiff


The Gothic Cardiff Castle forms the backdrop lớn the city's huge, annual fireworks display

This is the biggest fireworks display in Wales và all the proceeds from the đôi mươi,000-odd ticket sales go khổng lồ charity. A huge fireworks display illuminates the sky và the Gothic Cardiff Castle but there’s a gentler version for children who might find the main sự kiện a bit overwhelming. From 4.30pm onwards, Cardiff’s Coopers Field fills up with entertainment, food trucks và, after a ceremonial lighting, a massive sầu bonfire. The glamorous Sophia Gardens Apartment is only a few minutes’ walk from Coopers Field.

Midsummer Common, Cambridge


A funfair, bonfire, toffee apples, and lots of fireworks take over Midsummer Comtháng in Cambridge

Dotted with old oak trees và bordered by the gently-flowing River Cam, Midsummer Comtháng in Cambridge is an appealing spot for an outdoor gathering. The annual pyrotechnics extravaganza attracts around 25,000 people (though it manages to lớn retain its friendly, community atmosphere) offering a funfair, toffee apples, mulled wine, fire dancers and a huge bonfire, alongside the fireworks. Instead of an entry fee, visitors are asked to lớn make a recommended donation of £3. Chechồng inkhổng lồ the delightful Camstay Riverside just minutes away.

SkyFi – A Galactic Gathering, Tamworth


A galactic-themed Bonfire Night will take over Tamworth this year

For fans of sci-fi & fireworks, the market town of Tamworth near Birmingsay mê has just the sự kiện for you. Set to a galactic theme, this fireworks display in Drayton Manor Theme Park will be accompanied by a laser show, sci-fi soundtraông xã and appearances from Doctor Who, Star Trek & Star Wars characters with many of the theme park’s rides remaining open late on the night for added thrills. A 10-minute drive from Drayton Manor Theme Park, Oaktree Farm is a 17th-century country farmhouse with views of the River Tame.

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