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In an igiảm giá world, most people would prefer gourmet cuisine, but it is costly & difficult to prepare.
He would not normally have made catering standards inlớn an issue - gourmet eating was not his style.
There is, of course, a wide difference—as even the gourmet of the pavement knows—between the banamãng cầu and the plantain.
The cheapest menu costs £22.50 per person, but the gourmet thực đơn comes in at £32.50 and includes a warm salad of local wood pigeon as a starter.
They are warm, have sầu clean loos, a variety of shopping facilities, banks và so on, and reliable, if not gourmet, refreshments.
Today, it is possible to produce many foodstuffs - such as gourmet salads - with and without preservatives.
A further development is fish farming which might be expected lớn go beyond the breeding of gourmet varieties lớn fish of more staple varieties.
While it may promote tourist attractions, one hopes that it will not feed peculiar gourmets with a taste for unusual foods.
Sometimes knowledgeable and expert people, possibly gourmets of the top bracket, are not always the best people khổng lồ decide what is best for the services of this place.
The complex includes restaurants, a khách sạn, grocery, a gourmet deli, and convenience stores, a hair salon tóc, laundry & dry cleaners.

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