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A:Hurl can mean throw up or khổng lồ throw something.“He was so drink that he hurled on my shoes” (threw up)“He hurled the book across the room và almost hit the teacher” (threw the book)

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A:"To hurl" means lớn throw something."She likes to hurl tomatoes at men.""The dog tried khổng lồ hurl his toy across the room.""To hurl" can also mean lớn say something with a lot of feeling."She wanted to hurl her opinion at them.""To hurl" can also be an informal way lớn say "to lớn vomit"."I want khổng lồ hurl."
A:Hurl has the same meaning as vomit (吐き出す) or throw something.EXAMPLES of hurl as vomit:She hurled after drinking expired milk.He hurled when he rode the jet coaster. She hurled when she first saw Sadako in Ringốc.--------------------------------EXAMPLES of hurl as khổng lồ throw something:He hurled a roông chồng inkhổng lồ the lake.She hurled a ball while playing baseball.

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A:Hurl is very forceful & reckless than throwing. Throwing is most general, hurling and pitching are forms of throwingPitching is most specific for sports, especially baseball. You can also “pitch” ideas - “throw an idea out there” (say something to get people thinking, especially in business contexts/trying khổng lồ convince someone of your plan). Some examples:I hurled myself onto lớn the train just as the doors were closing. He hurled his book across the room in frustration. I threw the ball khổng lồ you. Can you throw (toss) me the bag of chips?She pitched faster than any other players on the team. I’m pitching a new idea to lớn my trùm tomorrow, I hope he likes it. Lastly, hurl can also mean throw up/vomit as slang. I drank so much I hurled last night. This roller coaster is making me sichồng, I’m gonmãng cầu (going to) hurl!
A:Hurl, Throw & Toss mean the same thing. These are what you Gọi synonyms, similar to "shut" & "close", for example, "Shut the door" và "Cthảm bại the door". They mean the same thing. Fling also mean the same, but sometimes people use this word for a short, spontaneous sexual relationship between 2 people. "We had a fling together".Pitch is the word use in baseball & it"s what a pitcher does.He toss or throws the ball at the batter.Pitch also means the chất lượng of a sound governed by the rate of vibrations producing it; the degree of highness or lowness of a tone.
A:They both mean basically the same thing, but I tover lớn think of hurl as throwing something a little more forcefully. ""Come on, hurl the baseball over here."" Hurl can also mean vomit. ""If I ride that rollercoaster, I"ll hurl everywhere."" I tend to think of fling (past tense flung) as throwing something less forcefully or something being thrown at you accidentally. ""Don"t fling water at me."" Fling can also mean a short relationship. ""Tom & Sue had a fling last summer.""