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2004 Ski-Doo Legkết thúc GT SE V-1000 pictures, prices, information, & specifications.Below is the information on the 2004 Ski-Doo Legend GT SE V-1000. If you would lượt thích toget a quote on a new 2004 Ski-Doo Legover GT SE V-1000 use ourBuild Your Own tool,or Comparethis realchampionshipwrestling.com lớn other Touring realchampionshipwrestling.coms. To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications.

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Engine: Engine TypeV Twin Cylinders2 Engine Stroke4-Stroke Valve sầu ConfigurationSOHC Displacement (cc/ci)989.6 / 60.4 StarterElectric / Pull TurbochargedNo Carburetion TypeFuel Injected Transmission: ReverseYes Technical Specifications: Length (ft)9.97 Width (in/mm)48 / 1219 Height (in/mm)48.5 / 1232 Maximum Ski Stance (in/mm)47 / 1195 Minimum Ski Stance (in/mm)47 / 1195 Dry Weight (lbs/kg)619 / 281 Fuel Capađô thị (gal/l)11.4 / 43 Seats: Number Of Seats2 Seat BackrestStandard Exterior: Ski MaterialPlastic Skag MaterialDual Carbide Drive Line: Track Length (in/mm)136 / 3455 Traông xã Width (in/mm)15 / 381 Lug Height (in/mm)0.88 / 22.3 Storage: Rear RackStandard Glass: Rearview MirrorsStandard HeightHigh Convenience: Heated Hvà GripsStandard

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I bought my 2004 legkết thúc GT SE V-1000 in Feb 0f 2011.I bought it with 1000 miles.Now has 1600 miles.I did a kiểm tra for gas mileage with just myself on it và am getting a honest 22 mpg.I really lượt thích this sled because it is very quiet,clean running & comfortable.It is also a very unintimdating sled ...that anyone can get on without so much as any experience,và feel comfortable immediately.Read Full Review
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I`ve owned my sled for three years now và absolutely love it.It gets great gas mileage,is comfortable riding ,even over long trips.I bought used with 24000 kms & currently has 32000 kms. Would not hesitate to buy a second one.Read Full Review
I found one of these an older gentleman had stored in his garage since 2005. I got it for a great price và hauled it to my local Ski Doo dealer who went through it for me và after standard service it was ready for the snow. It handles great on the trails. I did 150 miles the first ride the day aft...er Christmas up in Greenville ME và felt like I was cruising on a big Harley. This works for me cause I"m a big guy who enjoys a comfy ride more than tốc độ, but this thing has plenty of power & sounds smooth & quiet compared to past sleds I have owned, and got 19 mpg. I would recommover this if you can find one used for a good price like I did. It is also the first 2 up I have owned that actually fit my wife on baông xã comfortably. Oh I forgot khổng lồ mention that when the dealer put in a battery and started it up they were shocked to lớn see it only had 59 original miles so when I say it was just lượt thích new I am not kidding.Read Full Review