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Internship aims

In Viet Nam, the profession of translator has become more and more important because in the context of integration with the world, Vietnam has become an official member of the WTO. English is increasing. The interpreter becomes an important bridge of language & culture.

The center for labor demvà and labor market information under the Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs of Ho Chi Minch City, said that in the 2017-2025 period, HCM City needs 270,000 to 300,000 human resources (of which 130,000 new job). The demvà for human resources in the social sciences sector accounts for 2% of the total, of which about 1,000 are needed.Báo cáo thực tập Anh vnạp năng lượng Biên phiên dịch

This demvà is not much in quantity but an important profession. This is also a high income job with an average salary of 10-15 million per month. At the conference, high-level negotiation, the salary is calculated in hours from several hundred dollars or more. With some less comtháng languages such as German, Italian … the salary is higher.A simple interpretation is the transfer of a word, a sentence, a text (say or write) from one language khổng lồ another without changing their meaning. And, of course, translators are professionals who translate texts (say or write) from one language inkhổng lồ another, so that people who vị not giới thiệu a language can understand each other.

Based on two basic types of human communication (speaking and writing), the universities divide the translation work into two forms: interpreter & translator. The universities also focus on training of four language skills , sepeacially (speaking và writing. Translation and interpretion tasks will help students after graduation & practice will find good jobs with high income. Thus, internship plays an important role in improving fresh graduates’ skills before working.

The reason for choosing the internship.

The internship helps the student to access the work environment in a company, so that conditions can compare & contrast between the theory, knowledge is learned in the school with the practice at the practice. Therefore, the student must choose a placement agency that has a job related to lớn the student’s field of study.

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Nam Viet Star Trading Service Co., Ltd is one of the multi-industry companies in Ho Chi Minh City, focusing on two main areas is travel agency and translation. The services that the company is doing are using foreign language elements, especially English. With the translation service, Nam Viet Star Company is very suitable for students studying English language practice. So, this is one of the companies that can help students apply their knowledge in the field khổng lồ real work. This helps students gain more knowledge, confidence and experience lớn enter the work environment in future.

Báo cáo thực tập Anh văn Biên phiên dịch

The meaning of the internship và topic.

The internship process helps students get familiar with the work environment, learn how lớn work & practice some work skills, communicate in the workplace, gather information and describe the reality. However, students do not have sầu “complacent” that play that wasted all four years. Interpretion và translation is a job that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Therefore, students must always study, read, listen và collaborate while still being at university. Báo cáo xuất sắc nghiệp Anh văn uống Biên phiên dịchIn an emergency, Google Translate is a great suggestion for translation & interpreting. However, the translator needs knowledge to lớn turn it inkhổng lồ a complete translation. Therefore, the trainee must study continuously và relentlessly, especially in general và specialized knowledge. In addition, it requires skills in front of the crowd, if timid, shy is not appropriate to lớn vì chưng this job.

Interpretation is a profession that many students choose lớn study foreign languages after graduation, especially the students have orientation translation-interpretion from the beginning. Knowledge of the school equips the student lớn be ready lớn step down the path to lớn become translators at the publishing units, interpreters at companies, foreign corporations … Not everyone is gifted Foreign language, so the role of communication bridge, understanding of the profession is always promoted with satisfactory màn chơi of income.


CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION1. 1. Internship aims:1.2. The reason for choosing the internship1.3. The meaning of the internship & topic.CHAPTER II: INTRODUCTION OF NAM VIET STAR CO.,2.1. Overview of Nam Viet Star2.2. Services2.3. Structural Organization of Translation & Interpretation Office Báo cáo thực tập Anh vnạp năng lượng Biên phiên dịch2.3.1. Role of Manager2.3.2. Role of Translation teamét vuông.3.3. Role of interpretation team3.1. Internship Activities3.1.1. Translation

a. Translation Process of Telegraphic Transfersb. Translation Process of Letter of Credit.( L/C)c. Translation Process of Documentary Collection3.1.2. InterpretationTranslated for the cheap Australian weddingBasic qualities of an interpreter khổng lồ complete workOccupational accident3.2. An assessment of the internship3.2.1. New skills acquired and skills improved3.2.2. Management techniques observed.3.2.3. Technical skills employed3.3. Impact of internship on future career3.4. Suggestions3.5. Conclusion

Báo cáo thực tập giờ đồng hồ Anh biên dịch TOURISM

1. Rationale

Education in Vietnam is a state-run system of public and private education run by the Ministry of Education & Training. It is divided inlớn five levels: preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, and higher education. Formal education consists of twelve years of basic education. Basic education consists of five years of primary education, four years of intermediate education, và three years of secondary education. The majority of basic education students are enrolled on a half-day basis. The main education goal in Vietnam is “improving people’s general knowledge, training quality human resources, and nurturing and fostering talent.” ( Báo cáo xuất sắc nghiệp Anh vnạp năng lượng Biên phiên dịch)

Vietphái mạnh is known for its rigorous curriculum that is deemed competitive sầu for students. Secondary education is one of the most significant social issues in the country: designated schools known as “High schools for the gifted” are regarded as prestigious và often demand high entrance examination results. Higher education is also a fundamental cornerstone in Vietnamese society. Entrance lớn university is determined through the National High School Graduation Examination, whose results will be considered for evaluation. The higher the score is, the more prestigious the institution will be. Failure lớn attover university often leads to lớn social stigma, as those who could not pass the Graduation Examination would be looked down upon by members of society.

With one of the highest GDPhường. growth rates in Asia, Vietphái mạnh is attempting to lớn improve its education system; in 2012, estimated national budget for education was 6.3%. In the last decade, Vietnamese public reception of the country’s education system has been mixed. Citizens have been critical of the rigorous curriculum, which has led to lớn serious social issues including depression, anxiety, & even increasing suicide rates. There have sầu been comments from the public that schools should opt for a more flexible studying program, with less emphasis on paper tests và more focus on life skills development. In response to lớn public opinion, the Ministry of Education and Training has come up with resolutions lớn resize the education system, which were met with both positive sầu và negative feedbachồng, leaving education rekhung still a controversial topic to lớn date.

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