Move meaning là gì

If you move along/over/up (= go further to the side, baông chồng, or front) a little, Tess can sit next lớn me.

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Police officers at the scene of the accident were asking people khổng lồ move along/on (= to lớn go khổng lồ a different place).

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A vote was just about to lớn be taken when someone stood up và said that they wished to move sầu an amendment.
in some board games, a change of the position of one of the pieces used khổng lồ play the game, or a change of position that is allowed by the rules, or a player"s turn lớn move sầu their piece:
if a store, office, factory, etc. moves, or if someone moves it, it becomes situated in another place:
move sầu offices/headquarters/operations Airline operations are in the process of being moved khổng lồ Terminal 2.

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One financial analyst said the court decision could prompt the company lớn move more quickly on the issue.
move ahead/forward/away from sth The state is moving ahead with legislation reforms for small businesses.
a move sầu by sb/sth Economists said a move by nhật bản khổng lồ cut interest rates in isolation would have sầu little effect on currency levels.
a bold/strategic/dramatic move Strategic moves announced with the interlặng results should strengthen the balance sheet and improve sầu cash flow.
a move comes/follows The company"s move comes as part of a wider industry crackdown on insurance fraud.
a move sầu (away) from sth We have incorporated several new concepts in recent months, including a move sầu from commission-only staff lớn a team bonus structure.
This may include planning a further move lớn housing offering a greater degree of shelter, or even greater reliance on families.
By formulating plans in advance, agents can avoid the need down the line lớn deliberate about their next move.





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