Pandemonium Là Gì

a situation in which there is a lot of noise and confusion because people are excited, angry, or frightened:

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Students và a prefect refused to lớn help her, claiming that intervention in a " riot" that was "tumultuous " và approached "pandemonium " would be too dangerous.
The pandemonium of recurrent activity that ensues và the electrophysiological consequences of the thundering returning cortical echo to the thalamus are treated in these last chapters.
Little effort to control the pandemonium is made by teachers & other staff, who themselves are caught up in the chaos marking the change-over from secondary khổng lồ primary school.
Some might think that appropriate in view of the fact that the previous system of government, which we called condominium, they called pandemonium.
Fifty thous& people saw a prominent man arrested without any time being given, & immediately there was pandemonium.
It would not have sầu needed much more excitement for the whole place to be in pandemonium from one over to lớn the other.
A fortnight ago, the bulldozers arrived & started operations, with resulting outrage and pandemonium among muốn the citizens.

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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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