Reckless Là Gì

in a way that is dangerous and shows that you are not thinking about the risks và possible results of your behaviour:

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He alludes khổng lồ cases in which physicians, or self-proclaimed physicians, recklessly prescribed medication based only on symptoms they observed.
They ride bicycles recklessly in the village, sometimes straight at adults without any apologies or concern.
Were he speeding along, disregarding weather conditions & recklessly endangering the lives of others, he might evoke a lasting hatred.
This resulted in virtually openaccess conditions, so that the villagers started to exploit forests recklessly.
If the government, as the community, risks stifling speech for no sufficient reason (because it objects to the message), then it has acted recklessly without regard to lớn whether harm results.
Some individuals may respond lớn becoming emancipated by selling drugs or behaving recklessly, and this too may reflect a specific genetic disposition or a genetically influenced characteristic.
But no one who is constantly either accelerating recklessly or applying the brakes drastically is considered a good driver.
Therefore, it is crucial that that huge benefit is not recklessly thrown away because of other disappointments và frustrations.
Under this new clause there is proposed lớn be a totally separate offence, constituted by driving recklessly or dangerously and so causing death.

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In fact, they increased the borrowing requirement recklessly & dangerously, and they were warned at every stage that they were doing so.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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