Rental là gì

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Between 1991 & 1995, rentals increased by 51 per cent for low-income households, largely as a result of the big tax-resize in 1989/90.
The rentals for the mid-century period go one stage further and merge the two townships inlớn a single các mục.
We can be independent of these, for the database can generate rentals for any moment in time between 1520 and 1780.
The total number of people named in the " real " rentals undergoes an extremely marked fall, from 205 lớn 81.
Given the problems which we have had with the false rentals, it is encouraging that the results are plausible.
Cost categories included salaries and wages, pensions and insurance, per-diem, office rentals, non-personnel services, fuel và lubrication, materials và supplies, machinery & e quipment, và t echnical training.
The principal direct costs include the wages of the single paid employee, telephone rentals and usage, stationery, travel and other costs for meetings & coordination, & printing and stationery.
The acts are inevitably records of agreement ; the business of getting in fines & rentals needed documentation & acted as a comtháng interest khổng lồ chapter members.
In the main, historians have inclined towards the latter view, emphasising the low rentals which could not provide the substantial capital required khổng lồ improve sầu the numerous small farms on estates.
In particular, it was their untenanted land which they now attempted to let for rentals which were determined by market demand rather than by the land courts.
The rentals of 1664, 1676, 1695 and 1733 giảm giá khuyến mãi only with " lower " properties, both copyhold & freehold.

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