Rush Hour Là Gì

the busy part of the day when towns and cities are crowded, either in the morning when people are traveling to lớn work, or in the evening when people are traveling home:

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one of the busy parts of the day, either when people are traveling khổng lồ work in the morning or when they are traveling trang chủ from work in the evening:
one of the very busy times of the day on roads, trains, etc., in the morning when people are travelling khổng lồ work and in the evening when people are going home:
A man who must learn not khổng lồ panic through bouts of uncontrollable backseat tears & screams while driving in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic.
But what happens if, say, spectrum interference occurs during those deliveries, or with driverless cars at rush hour, even for just a moment?
Police chased the 16-foot, 2,000-pound giraffe as it galloped through the streets during rush hour, scaring passersby and damaging vehicles with its hooves.
When will it fall, how cold is the snowfall, will it be compacted inlớn an impassable layer of ice before rush hour?
In theory, the signals are supposed to erase gridlock at previously locked-up crossroads during rush hour, while making turning more convenient for motorists.
The roads that aren"t closed will crawl at best (evacuation speeds are generally far lower than rush hour speeds).
In any storms that develop, the most comtháng hazards would be heavy rain & lightning -- their impacts potentially amplified due to rush hour timing.

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It calls for nearly 240 additional miles of bus-only lanes that would operate either during rush hour or 24 hours per day.
Transportation officials said they expect the roadway to be closed throughout the morning rush hour & advised drivers to lớn find other routes.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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