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Download First cảm biến Soccer 20đôi mươi (FTS 20) Mod Avõ thuật Obb Data for Android with improved graphics & lathử nghiệm transfers update.

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Another edition of FTS series is out which is the year 20trăng tròn version, lovers of this high chất lượng football game will find it very interesting when playing the lathử nghiệm FTS trăng tròn Ađánh nhau.

What you can see in First Touch Soccer 2020 is the new background which comes with a nice graphics and easy to lớn use navigation menus in terms of setting up your games easily.

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The buttons has been giving new looks, they are now easy lớn be use & move sầu around your screen smoothly during game play without any size of hanging.

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New players have sầu been added or transferred to lớn there respective sầu clubs without any size of misplacement or transfer issues where by users reported that some players are in the wrong clubs. 


While you can still build and modify your stadium, new stadium have been added lớn FTS 2019 Android whereby as a manager in First Touch Soccer, you can boast of having a stadium.

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Leagues such as La Liga, Seria A, Premier League, Champions league và other local leagues have been added to FTS 20đôi mươi Achiến tranh.


In this post not only are you going lớn get the FTS 20 Avõ thuật offline, but you will also need khổng lồ tải về the Obb & Data files which has all the modifications lớn the game.

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The soccer pitch in First Touch Soccer 2020 gian lận looks so real including crowd reactions during game play.

There are different forms of formation to lớn choose from, such as the famous 4-4-2, 4-3-3 aao ước many others. You can also see the pđánh giá of your formation before the starting of a game.

Download First cảm biến Soccer 2020 Ahành động + Obb + Data Full

In this section, you will be able lớn tải về the lachạy thử First cảm ứng Soccer 20đôi mươi Ađánh nhau , obb và game data, all though the iOS version of FTS 20 is still in development, continue to lớn tải về the Android version below: (January Transfers Updates)

Please Read How To Install Below After Downloading

Please Download Achiến đấu OBB Data Files khổng lồ get full Transfers updates


Data FTS 2020Obb

Obb FTS 2020Apk

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How To Install First cảm ứng Soccer 20trăng tròn Achiến tranh Obb Data

What’s New

-January Transfers update

– New players

– Updated players transfers

– New Manager Mode

– New Kits & logos.

How To Install First cảm biến Soccer 20trăng tròn Ađánh nhau Obb Data

Is not all about downloading First cảm ứng Soccer 20trăng tròn Achiến đấu Obb Data files above sầu, but carefully following the steps below to lớn install và extract obb data files by going to Android folder in phone memory.

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Use Zrchiver ứng dụng To Extract FTS Obb Data >> Download Zarchiver App Apk

Steps lớn Install FTS 2020:

Using Zarchiver App.Locate FTS 2020 Obb Data files in Downloads thư mục.First cliông xã on Obb FTS 20trăng tròn Zip File.Options Menu will come up.Cliông chồng “Extract” and go lớn phone memory.Clichồng Android Folder.Clichồng Obb folder.Now Cliông xã extract icon which looks lượt thích a arrow pointing downwards.Obb FTS 20đôi mươi zip file will be extracted successfully upon reaching 100%.Similarly Extract Data FTS 20trăng tròn Zip file by going lớn Android thư mục and then cliông xã data folder.

chú ý that FTS 20đôi mươi Data Zip File is very important, it contains transfers update files and many other important games files, make sure you extract it also.

Features Of First cảm biến Soccer 20trăng tròn Mod Apk

At this point some of you will like to know the lakiểm tra features of First Touch Soccer 20đôi mươi Avõ thuật Mod for Android, below are the highlighted features of the game:

Unlimited Coins: with this you wi able to lớn buy and transfer players from one club to another, not only that, you can use the unlimited amount of money or coins in First Touch Soccer 20đôi mươi hachồng khổng lồ purchase kits & nâng cấp players skills.New Stadium: Stadiums now look better with new ad-boards logos, crowds, new pitch design with green grass and emblems.Full Players Transfers: there is a transfer market available in the game, where you can trade or buy best players from another club lớn your own personal club as a manager.Manager Mode: This mode is where you can manage all the activities of your team & receive club news such as next fixtures, tips, players performance and many more, this feature was updated in the new FTS 20đôi mươi for Android.Updated Leagues: lượt thích i mentioned earlier new updated leagues such as Serie A, Bundesliga, Brazilian leagues, La Ligaa etc and also new leagues where added.HD Graphics: in terms of graphics, first touch soccer 2020 had the best và most recent graphics update which players in the pitch look so real.trò chơi Modes: All known game modes of First cảm biến Soccer such as Manager Mode, Tournament mode, All star players, training are still available in the game & they have been updated.Miscellaneous: other features added includes new game buttons, new background images, updated commentary, new broadcast station such as ES Sports và more.

FTS 20đôi mươi Additional Information

NameFirst Touch Soccer 20trăng tròn Mod
Size250 MB
Android Required4.1 +
Unlimited CoinsYes
DeveloperFirst Touch LTD