Threat Là Gì

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threat /θret/ danh từ sự đe doạthere is a threat of rain: có cơn mưa đang đe doạ, trời muốn mưa lời đe doạ, lời hăm doạempty threat: lời đe doạ suôngto utter threat against someone: doạ ai
Lĩnh vực: toán & tinsự đe dọaAmerican standard pipe threatRen ống theo tiêu chuẩn Hoa KỳAmerican standard threatRen theo tiêu chuẩn Hoa Kỳelectric threatren ống lắp điệnpassive threatluồng thụ độngthreat agenttác nhân đe dọa

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): threat, threaten, threatening, threateningly

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Từ điển Collocation

threat noun

1 expression of intention to do harm/punish

ADJ. dire, terrible Despite dire threats of violence from extremist groups, the protest passed off peacefully. | empty, idle The kids took no notice of the teacher"s idle threats. | implied, veiled The company"s pay offer was accompanied by thinly-veiled threats of redundancies if it was rejected. | explicit | physical, violent | verbal | bomb, death, suicide

VERB + THREAT issue, make, utter | receive | carry out It"s unwise to make threats that you cannot carry out. | lift, withdraw Teachers have lifted their threat of strike action. | reduce | give in to The government refused to give in to the hijackers" threats.

PREP. ~ against The accused made death threats against a notable politician.

2 possible danger

ADJ. big, considerable, dangerous, deadly, grave, great, major, real, serious, significant | main | growing, increasing | constant, continual, continuous, ever-present, permanent | renewed The national park is under renewed threat from road-building schemes. | direct, immediate, imminent The opposition presents no immediate threat to the government. | insidious | long-term, short-term | potential | apparent, perceived | external The government was faced with internal rebellion as well as external threats. | physical | political | environmental | military, nuclear, terrorist

VERB + THREAT be, pose, present, represent the environmental threat posed by oil spillages | consider sth (as), perceive sth as, regard sth as, see sth as, view sth as Translators do not yet perceive computers as a threat to their livelihood. | face, meet

PREP. under ~ Many wild plants are under threat of extinction. | ~ from the threat from overfishing | ~ of a threat of violence | ~ to The junta reacted violently to the perceived threat to its authority.

Từ điển WordNet


a warning that something unpleasant is imminent

they were under threat of arrest

declaration of an intention or a determination to inflict harm on another

his threat to kill me was quite explicit