Tripping Là Gì

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Long nightdresses & dressing gowns were mentioned as being a problem, due lớn the risk of tripping on the hem.
For the shear layer mode pairing, on the other h&, tripping removes the subharmonic peak(s) from the spectrum completely.
The thử nghiệm boundary layer was the tunnel floor boundary layer, which was naturally turbulent without the use of any tripping devices.
It is this dexterity và delicacy of movement which allows them to lớn speak clearly but gently, with the words tripping on the tongue.
These statistics directed attention to lớn an extraordinarily wide variety of accidents from tripping and falling lớn electrocution in the trang chủ to lớn the dangers of working as a farmer.
A normal healthy old person with good recovery skills will be less likely to fall after tripping over an uneven carpet edge than a frail person who lacks these skills.
We found that pavements were being dug up—or something was happening—and that people were tripping over.
Such is the profit, due khổng lồ high real interest rates, that lenders are tripping over themselves in their anxiety to lớn throw money at the improvident.
It is dangerous for these issues to be swept under the carpet, for we would be in danger of tripping down the stairs.

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I have sầu in mind the elderly lady lying in the orthopaedic ward, having broken a hip by tripping over a displaced paving slab.
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