Trophies Là Gì

a prize, such as a gold or silver cup, that is given lớn the winner of a competition or race, và often returned after a year to be given to the winner of the competition in the following year:

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used lớn describe something such as a partner or a possession that is a symbol of someone"s success or social position:
This Victorian house going for eight million could be the trophy estate that City buyers have sầu been waiting for.
Under the long high-beamed ceiling, affixed lớn stone walls, were the trophies – heads of a rhinoceros và an African buffalo with huge horns.
They gave very valuable trophies, which were awarded khổng lồ the cadets, và they undertook many other interesting sponsorships.
I saw in a university building watchmen"s lanterns, the tops of lamp standards & policemen"s helmets kept as trophies.
Captured trophies are, when received in this country, allocated in accordance with the wishes of units if they can substantiate their clayên ổn lớn them.
The trophies are not despatched before the public toàn thân or museum, to which they are allotted, have undertaken responsibility for their care & custody.
As we propose lớn exempt both owners of trophies of war and their heirs, the issue of compensation does not arise.
I believe sầu that my father was quite a good bandmaster, because his boys used to lớn win trophies và bvà contests all over the country.
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lớn accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order khổng lồ reach an agreement with someone

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