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Debate as to the purpose of this camp has been ongoing, since several factors indicate that it may have had an ulterior purpose.
These patrons shared the same interest in acquiring new knowledge as the translators they supported & had, in general, no ulterior motives such as the leg itimation of their power.
Such an analysis can and should leave entirely open any questions relating khổng lồ the ulterior concerns and motives of the officials whose judgments are under consideration.
The example semantically resembles modern instances of the construction in its denial of an inference: it is denied that a compliment reflects the ulterior motive sầu of flattering someone.
Insofar as perceptions of difference are suspect, or distorted by ulterior considerations, the enterprise of modernization may be altogether misconceived.
These are greedy, opportunist readings both in the way they pichồng up on camp for further ulterior motives & in their possible lack of "obviousness" lớn the everyday listener.
Audience members may infer that the interviewee has some ulterior motive for avoiding the question, or that he or she has something khổng lồ hide.
It could deter unscrupulous traders who knoông chồng on the doors of little old ladies to lớn offer their services, but who may have ulterior motives.

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