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Depressions, or dolines, are fairly common, although cenotes open lớn the water table are exceedingly rare in most of the study area.
Likewise, failure và success may not always be predicted by distance from the coast or depth of the water table.
The water table in the experimental site ranged from 1.2 khổng lồ 1.4 m throughout the crop growth periods.
Because the water table was below 2.0 m depth, the soil was medium textured, và the area was flat, capillary rise was ignored.
These gradual rises in the number of plant species reflect improved peat-forming conditions resulting from local rises of the water table.
This is particularly suggested by the succession of evaporite couplets, which are attributed to pulsating episodes of water table change.
The water table had an average depth of 25 centimet along the sampled radial segment và was visible in the depressions.
Both environmental changes could result in water table changes fatal for survival of some plant species.
It is produced in the dry season, in areas with a high water table or with irrigation, và in the rainy season.
In either case the toxic or radioactive waste is trapped in the solid, preventing it from leaching into the local water table.

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According khổng lồ the relative sầu abundance of legume species, possibilities for comparisons between plots, and water table, representative sầu species & individuals were chosen for nodulation studies.
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