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Originally made of wicker, similar structures have sầu been used in engineering và landscape design from early times for their ability to lớn withstvà lateral forces.
Previously, lớn be exempt or to have sầu a reduced rate of tax, a cane or wicker basket had to lớn be wholly of cane or wicker.
They will see that it exempts shopping baskets of cane or wicker, not being baskets that are fitted with lids.
The two most traditional crafts of the area are baskets & furniture made from wood, wicker, ratchảy và other materials.
The bowl rests in an upright frame traditionally made of rattan, but also sometimes made of sturdy wicker or wood.
Examples of the sophisticated engineering involved included the use of sophisticated spoked wheels and superstructures made of wicker or other light-weight materials.
Over time, graves became more complex, with the body placed in a wicker basket, then later in wooden or terracotta coffins.
The observer, suspended in the wicker basket beneath, typically had a wireless transmitter, binoculars and/or a long-range camera.
The concoction reacts, & it is so strong that it cuts through a wicker chair serving as an improvised sieve sầu.

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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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