Windows Photo Viewer (WPV) is the default phokhổng lồ viewer in Windows 8.1, 8 and 7. Windows 10 users can still use image opening software, but this is not the default photo viewer on the platform. WPV sometimes returns this error message to lớn some users: "Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer cannot open this image because the Photo Viewer does not support this file or you bởi vì not have the lathử nghiệm updates. As a result, WPV users cannot open their images using software.

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Windows 10 the lakiểm tra current operating system in the application, which includes, called Photos, khổng lồ see all types of photos và images in the operating system.This is compatible with most formats, such as those most commonly used by users:JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF,among muốn others.Despite this, there are some formats that this application does not contain or does not allow us to visualize, so we are looking for a solution.

Error Message: Windows Photo lớn Viewer Can"t mở cửa This Picture

There are a lot of people complaining that the Windows photos won"t open; they don’t know how to troubleshoot. Before talking aboutWindows Phokhổng lồ Viewer can"t open this picture, I’d lượt thích khổng lồ introduce Windows Pholớn Viewer (WPV) in brief.


What Is Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer

As you can see from the ứng dụng name, Windows Photo Viewer is a photo lớn viewer in comtháng Windows operating systems. Development history of Windows Photo lớn Viewer can be divided inkhổng lồ the following stages roughly:

Microsoft used Windows Pholớn Gallery khổng lồ replace Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer in Windows Vista.The Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer was brought back by Microsoft since Windows 7.Windows Photo lớn Viewer is deprecated in Windows 10; a new Universal Windows Platform ứng dụng called Photos was introduced to lớn replace it. However, you can still bring it back through a registry tweak.

Image formats that are supported by Phokhổng lồ Viewer: PNG, JPEG, JPEG XR (formerly HD Photo), BMPhường, GIF, ICO, & TIFF.

What can Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer do?

Reorient all the items in 90° increments.Skết thúc photos to lớn friends or families via emails.Show individual photos/pictures/images separately.Display all images saved in a thư mục as a slide show.Print pictures out directly or through online print services.Burn the images to lớn a disc khổng lồ save them.

What if Windows 10 Photo Viewer Not Working

I found various people saying their Windows 10 can"t open photos & they need help.

They try khổng lồ open an image file (JPG, PNG, CR2, NEF, etc.), but a prompt window shows up lớn say that Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer can"t open this picture. The corresponding reason for causing such a problem will be given after that in general. Though Windows Photo Viewer is not included in Windows 10 by mặc định, you can bring it back & phối it as the mặc định viewer by following the steps mentioned later.

Case 1: tệp tin is deleted or location is not available.

Case 2: not enough memory available.

Case 3: incorrect permissions.

Case 4: unsupported file format or outdated Photo lớn Viewer.

Case 5: tệp tin damaged/corrupted/too large.

In summary, the Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer can’t open this picture error can be caused by the following reasons.

Windows Phokhổng lồ Viewer is outdated & should be updated lớn the lakiểm tra version.The tệp tin format of images/photos/pictures is not supported by the Pholớn Viewer.The file kích thước of images/photos/pictures is too large; the image tệp tin is damaged or corrupted somehow.The image tệp tin is encrypted.There’s software conflict found on your system.

Can"t Open Pictures Windows 10?

I know it’s a terrible experience lớn see a prompt window saying you can’t open the pholớn while you’re expecting a previews. So I think it’s necessary to lớn share the following methods with you lớn help you fix Windows Pholớn Viewer not working.

Method 1: Cheông xã File Format

Before you start khổng lồ vì chưng anything to lớn troubleshoot system corruption or software conflicts, you should go lớn kiểm tra the format of the tệp tin you want to open and see whether it is supported by Windows Pholớn Viewer.

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Step 1: figure out the supported tệp tin formats.

WPV is an old application, so it only gives support to lớn few tệp tin formats, including .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, .wdp, and .dib.

Step 2: kiểm tra the format of the target photo.

OpenFile Explorer-> navigate lớn the drive/thư mục that keeps your phokhổng lồ -> right clichồng on the photo lớn -> choosePropertiesfrom the context thực đơn -> look for theType of filesection under General tab.

You have mainly 2 choices if the file format is not supported by Windows Photo Viewer.

Use another program (such as Adobe Photoshop) to lớn open the file.Convert the file to another format that’s supported by WPV.

Step 3: then, you should kiểm tra whether the target image tệp tin is corrupted or not. Please try to recover the picture if it"s deleted mistakenly or lost suddenly.

Cheông xã out the postof how to lớn recover photos/pictures/images with MiniTool Power nguồn Data Recovery.

Method 2: Update Windows Photo Viewer

How lớn start Photo Viewer update:

Clichồng on theStartbutton in the lower left corner of the PC screen khổng lồ see the Start menu.ChooseSettings(look like a gear) from the left sidebar.Scroll down to the bottom to lớn selectUpdate và Security.Windows Updatewill be checked by default in the left pane. (If not, please click it.)Click on theCheông chồng for updatesbutton in the right pane.Add a checkmark inkhổng lồ the box next to thePhoto Viewer.ClickInstall Updatesand wait for the process lớn complete.SelectRestartin the prompt window appeared at the kết thúc of the update or click lớn restart your system manually.

If no update for Windows Photo Viewer is found, please move on to the next method.

Method 3: Uninstall và Reinstall Android/iOS Backup Suite

Some people found their Windows Photo lớn Viewer not working after they have sầu finished updating the phone backup suite on the computer. They can’t open images in Pholớn Viewer as soon as the update was applied. In this case, I advise them lớn uninstall the phone software suite completely and then reinstall it if necessary.

PressWindows + Ikhổng lồ open the Settings window.ChooseAppsfrom the main window.Apps và featureswill be checked by default.Now, scroll down in the right pane lớn find an thành phầm related lớn your phone’s manufacturer.Select the thành tích and you’ll see anUninstallbutton appeared. Cliông xã it. (You can take a look at the information in Advertiser column khổng lồ confirm that this is the correct suite.)Restart your computer & try to lớn view the photo in Windows Photo lớn Viewer.Reinstall the suite if it"s necessary.


You can typeappwiz.cplinkhổng lồ the Run dialog box lớn openPrograms & Featureswindow directly.

Other methods you can try lớn fix it if none of these working:

Rephối Photos AppRemove Encryption from the FileRun Windows Store Apps TroubleshooterPerform a System File Checker ScanDisable Inheritance

If the all the methods failed, you can also try to settle down Windows Photo lớn Viewer can"t open this picture by following ways:

Cheông xã your antivirut.Enable thumbnail pnhận xét.Create và use a new user trương mục.Change Color Management settings.