Yodeling Là Gì

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Harmonized singing is frequent, but other pieces may require yodeling, while instrumental arrangements are particularly frequent for fast dances or brass pieces.
The bell has recently been altered to what is known as a yodel alarm, which is more reliable in icy conditions.
Today he is mainly remembered for the yodel-like laugh with which he punctuated these homespun tales.
She develops her own quality ways to yodel which gives her music a great nội dung of grace and intensity.
Old-timers also always mentioned the river holler, a kind of yodel a raftsman would sing out early of a morning or late of an evening.
She was introduced khổng lồ music at an early age by a grandfather who taught her how to yodel & an uncle who schooled her in classic rock.
She also possesses a number of humorous eccentricities; she is able lớn yodel, possesses substandard skills at playing a rather large tuba, and is often depicted with poor table etiquette.
Eventually he became renowned for his ability to lớn sustain his yodel for an unusually long time, a skill he reportedly learned while swimming underwater for several minutes at a time.

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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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